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Neo-Expressionism was developed as a reaction against conceptual art and minimal art of the 1970s. Neo-Expressionists returned to portraying recognizable objects, such as the human body (although sometimes in an abstract manner), in a rough and violently emotional way, often using vivid colors. It was overtly inspired by German Expressionist painters, such as Emil NoldeMax BeckmannGeorge GroszErnst Ludwig KirchnerJames Ensor and Edvard Munch.

The term "Popsicle Paintings" was created by Ric Standridge to describe these new creations produced on an iPad or iPhone. World renowned artist David Hockney, in 2010, said at the opening of his show in Paris of iPad art, "Who wouldn't want one? Picasso or Van Gogh would have snapped one up." So the images you see labeled as "Popsicle" are images that are originated, drawn by hand, on a mechanical device and then printed, signed, and sold.  

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