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Angel Paintings came quite literally by accident. Standridge was painting with a model in his studio. The day was not going too well and he "hit a wall". He excused the model for the day, and reviewed the painting. He noticed the light over the shoulder resembled a wing. "Enough of that thought," he said to himself. "Artist have been painting angels for hundreds of years; the world doesn't need anymore." Then, in spite of himself, he began to move the paint more to shape the wing. Then began to think about the ideas of angels or spirits in our world. Do they exist? If it is indeed possible to call up these so called "guardians" when we think we need them, is it then possible for us to keep them here longer than is needed? (Angel Held Hostage - 2005) Are the angels susceptible to pain and suffering (Slain Angel - 2006) So then, do these heavenly hosts have judgement or are they blinded to not judge us in our visual context, but instead lead with their hearts?

It is through these questions, the Angel Series was born, and with a continued demand from the public, are here to stay.

If you have a themed subject in mind for your own personal angel, please go to our contact page to share your ideas. We would love to hear from you!

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